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Frank Storch Helps Bring Life Saving AED to Synagogues in Baltimore

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Frank Storch

Frank Storch Helped Bring AED to the Baltimore Community

As the overseer of the Chesed Fund and Project Ezra in Baltimore, Frank Storch is able to help his community in many ways, including ways that can save lives. One example is the installation and maintenance of the Automated External Defibrillator, which can be used by a layman who has been trained to save the life of someone experiencing a sudden cardiac arrest. Without the AED on hand and easily accessible, most people who have SCA will not make it to the hospital alive.

Along with Frank Storch, Dr. Elimelech Goldstein helped get the AED project underway. And now, ten years later, he is still involved. Dr. Goldstein explained that he volunteered with Project Ezra in 2003. He taught CPR at Baltimore schools and synagogues, widening the reach of life-saving help in the community. The group discussed what more they could do to help save lives, and thought about AED, but the cost seemed prohibitive. Then one day an AED unit for only $1,000 became available.

“We called a meeting together at Suburban Orthodox [Congregation Toras Chaim] for basically every synagogue and Jewish school in the state. We had a pretty full room and we offered the program to everyone. There were not a whole lot of people who turned it down,” recalled Dr. Goldstein.

In the first several months 14 AEDs were installed around Baltimore, said the former overseer of Project Ezra. Now there are 70 AEDs in more than 50 locations in the Baltimore Jewish community, and several lives have indeed been saved.

Written by Frank Storch

June 6th, 2013 at 10:04 am