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Frank Storch Working Hard Keeping Schools Safe

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Frank Storch

Guidebook Available On-line and in Hard Copy

Making gathering places for children, adults and families as safe as possible is one of the primary goals in the life of Frank Storch. That is why, immediately after the tragic events of December 2012 when 26 teachers and children were murdered in Newtown, Connecticut, Storch got to work on the easy-to-use safety booklet, Keep Your School Safe.

Frank Storch’s Keep Your School Safe is a 44-page downloadable guidebook to creating a school or other public building which is secure. The book features checklists and security protocols which guide school officials in assessing the relative safety of the school they are responsible for. If the checklists show that the school can improve, there is guidance on the changes which are needed to upgrade to a more secure environment.

With the help of the Baltimore-based Project Ezra, founded by Frank Storch, and the Chesed Fund, which Storch created with his wife Danielle Sarah, he was able to distribute 9,000 booklets to Jewish schools and community centers across the country. Storch also had an additional 1,000 pamphlets mailed to Jewish summer camps. The guidebook can also be downloaded here.

Written by Frank Storch

January 21st, 2014 at 7:12 am